BHM 2021-The End of an Era

The year 2020 marked the end of the era of a lot of things including the end of Black History Month.

In 1926, before Black History Month existed, people celebrated Black History Week. This took place the second week of February. That week was selected specifically because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and of Frederick Douglass on February 14. Afterwards, Black history week was outdated. Black History Month was officially recognized in 1976.

In 2020, the death of George Floyd followed by the streets filled with people crying for justice across the entire world is evidence that Black History Month era has come to an end. Like the notifications we received that highly recommended a software update to be performed on our electronic devices, I believe a similar update is required in 2021 because Black History Month is now outdated. A month is no longer enough.

It’s time we recognize the end of the Black History Month era.

Black folks need to be seen, heard, understood and recognized the 28 days of February with the same energy and attention the remaining days of the year.

Black people are still combatting oppression whether we chose to see it or not. Whether we are aware or not, they are accomplishing incredible achievements. Whether we are conscious or not they are creating legacies. Some are even living legends.

It’s time we stop muting Black folks the 337 other days of the year. We stopped physical segregation of people but why did we not also stop segregation of history ? Is it not absurb and dismissive to talk about Black History without talking about people that inflicted pain, the people that contributed to the enslavement of Black folks ? And also, the people that perpetuated the mentality slavery ?

If the objective is raising awareness, why is there an emphasis on only raising the awareness of how brave and inspiring MLK and Rosa Park were ?

To abolish and dismantle systemic racism, why is there no awareness being made on the racist mentality and beliefs that opposed MLK and Rosa Park as a tool to recognize racism, reconcile and repair ?

It’s time we stop segregating history, Black History is World History.

It’s time to seize the opportunity to honor and value African diaspora in every area, every single day, in every part of the world.



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Donna Carter

Donna Carter


I am a unapologetic ghostwriter for people who need their voices to be heard.